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  • We, at nuvomind, believe that your mobile application should increase efficiency and revenue productivity of your organization.
  • nuvomind company focuses on developing iPhone (Apple), Android (Google) and Blackberry (RIM) applications as a strategic decision.
  • nuvomind supplies along with its mobile applications an innovative content management system that gives you the ability to control your mobile application content
  • nuvomind has proven experience in developing mobile applications and connecting them to the web and to social networks.
  • We have a mobile graphic engine that helps novumind to create games, animations and creative content to the cellular world.
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nuvomind is capable of creating rich web content applications, interactive and mobile innovative applications using the newest technologies. We provide internet and mobile projects development and management services while focusing on mobile applications in general and specifically on the development of iPhone applications, Android applications and Nokia applications.
The cellular internet era created a new world for parallel development between the internet and the mobile device which was once thought of as impossible. nuvomind has the abilities to create along with any iPhone application, Android application or Nokia application rich internet website which helps to manage and change the mobile data served through the mobile application.
The nuvomind team works as a unit to brainstorm creative ideas from all aspects of development and design and creates project specifications to map out goals. Meeting deadlines and creating user-friendly applications is our specialty. We develop technological dreams into reality for internet, iPhone, Android and Nokia users.
From first contact until project delivery, nuvomind is available to the customer at all times by providing price quotes, progress reports, and great customer service while keeping confidentiality. We are a boutique company, specializing in innovative applications. Each project receives the highest level of attention. Our doors are open to talk about your technological needs and to give advice to help you realize your technological goals.